Shop ’til You Drop!

When I first visited London as a young girl, my parents awarded me $100 to spend during our three-week tour of the UK. Delighted by their generosity, I tucked the cash away until arriving in London, when I cooly approached a currency exchange in Knightsbridge.

The agent smiled wryly, dispensing several bills and heavy coins into my hands. My excitement over possessing foreign money carried me through the hour that followed but abruptly halted as soon as I elected to make my first (and only) purchase: a small Limoges box in an antique shop, no doubt decorated with flowers, a cat, or both (I was an old woman, even then).

As soon as the salesperson expressed the sum of my purchase, I realized the extent of my naivete. One small token, priced at 45 GBP, and I was maxed out for the entire vacation.

I feel the wrath of London’s expensive price points often, but twice a year the shopping Gods smile upon us: cash-strapped shoppers overrun the high streets where epic sales, the likes of which rarely make their way to the United States, announce themselves at every corner. Shops are practically giving away their summer items in preparation for fall collections!

Amazing deals at French Connection!

These summer sales aren’t as profound as their late December-January counterparts, but they certainly are ubiquitous!

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