Seeking Writers for An Expat’s Guide to London

Happy December, Anglophiles. I hope you’re enjoying holiday festivities as much as I am, depressingly short days notwithstanding.

It’s been a while since I posted. Quite a while. An embarrassingly long while.

Although I’ve been busy writing about all manner of things, including London, I’m struggling to provide regular posts on the site now that I’m spending the majority of my time in New York City, which is why I’ve finally decided to delegate!

That’s right. I’m looking for fellow explorers, writers and photographers to help me maintain and expand this whimsical forum about London. Relevant experience not required: you need only possess enthusiasm for London and a bit of free time. If you’re interested in helping me brainstorm, draft, and write new posts, please shoot me an email at with a cover letter, some ideas for new posts, and writing samples (if you have them).

Wishing you festive weekends, filled with mulled wine, Christmas markets, and ice-skating!


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