Happy 4th of July


Happy Independence Day to everyone preparing to celebrate the 4th of July, my favorite holiday! To the rest of you, many of you ambivalent towards, or eluded by, this annual show of intense American spirit, you’re missing out… …on fireworks, fried chicken, cold beer, blueberry pie, and awkward red, white and blue-themed costumes. Although I’d love to … Read more

Summertime Renewal and a Splash of Pimm’s


Summer in London. Does it get any better? Londoners are emerging from their flats like bears from hibernation, ready to soak up eerily long days with pitchers of Pimm’s at cricket matches, Henley, Wimbledon, and… who needs an occasion? It’s also a time for fresh beginnings, and this Expat Blog has long needed a facelift. … Read more

Curries, Cobras and Inevitable Food Comas

jeff and millie kids

Early exposure to spicy Tex-Mex cuisine spoiled my taste-buds, curious little things that they were, already pushed to adventurous limits by parents who wouldn’t tolerate childish behavior at the dinner time. Or anywhere. Whether at our cozy kitchen table, dining at a local favorite, or experiencing novel cuisine on foreign soil, we were coerced into … Read more

London’s Best American Comfort Food


My San Antonio upbringing created a meat and grease-loving, gluttonous appetite that thrives on Tex-Mex, burgers and BBQ, three cuisines that spoiled and simultaneously ruined me, creating expectations that are rarely replicated outside of Texas. I struggled to find adequate TEX-MEX within the United States and barely imagined the uphill battle I would face after moving … Read more

Survive Winter With These Indoor London Havens


It’s that time of year again, time for the nominal English sun to slink behind ever-gray clouds and another frigid winter come early. Each day shorter than the next, as the December solstice approaches like an unwelcome storm rolling across the horizon. Savvy travelers jet off to the southern hemisphere for a bit of sun … Read more

Wildlife Exhibition at the Natural History Museum


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibit just opened at the Natural History Museum, where it will remain until March 2011, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Dimly lit rooms showcase magnificent photos, of predators on the hunt, serene panoramas, and curious moments, all captured by a photographer on his own often-tortured expedition. There are … Read more

Country Getaway—Devon’s Hotel Endsleigh


I’ve been sitting on one of England’s best kept secrets for nearly a year, uncharacteristically hoarding a highly valuable piece of information. For many long months, I contemplated today’s disclosure, unable to decide whether the Hotel Endsleigh was better served by increased publicity or whether, in the spirit of its minimalist website and understated vibe, … Read more

Renting a Flat

Affordability and London are never used in the same sentence, particularly by American expats who are uniquely burdened by double taxes and unflattering exchange rates. They are indiscriminately assaulted by costs of every variety, grudgingly releasing majestic pound coins for the simplest daily purchases. Attempting to assuage troubled minds and pocketbooks, new and short-term expats … Read more

Smythson of Bond Street: Classic, Stylish Organization


I’ve always loved delicate, precise things. According to my mother, my favorite childhood toys were little boxes and knickknacks, including rubber bands and paper wrappers, that I carried around in my pockets. For Christmas, I begged my parents for office supplies from the Container Store, and my monthly allowance was invariably spent at Sanrio, home … Read more

Ledbury: American Menswear for the Anglophile

ledbury 2

Christmas rapidly approaches, and I’ve barely made a dent in my shopping. I troll websites during quiet moments at work and bundle up on Saturday shopping trips, where I am inevitably distracted by the call of my own ever-growing wish list. I even consulted In Style’s guilt-free gift guide (for a mere $275, you can … Read more